Virgin Media - 6 months half price Virgin Media Collections - save up to £326
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Virgin Media

Order one of the Virgin Media Collections of cable TV with TiVo, broadband and calls online and get 6 months up to price plus free installation worth £49.95 with the deal.
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29th January 2014

6 months up to half price Virgin Media Collections - save up to £326

With the deal you can get a discount of as much as 50% for the first 6 months on the Essential, Premiere and Virgin Media VIP Collection, plus free installation worth £49.95. This is an online exclusive deal, which is not available in store or over the phone.

Your Virgin Media Offer 3 options

There are four Virgin Media Collections that qualify for the deal:

  • The Essential Collection
  • The Premiere Collection
  • The VIP Collection

To help you decide which is the right Collection for you we’re going to break down exactly what you get in each, and highlight the total saving you'll make while the deal is running.

The Essential Collection

The Virgin Media Essential Collection is a prebuilt collection of basic cable TV, broadband and calls. It is most suitable for couples and small families who put value-for-money ahead of extras.

It features the TV M+ package with 83 channels, 6 of which are in HD, and a 500GB TiVo digital TV recorder. The broadband is up to 50Mbps (which is 3x faster than the UK average) and it comes with an uncapped monthly usage allowance and a free Virgin Media Super Hub wireless router. Finally it includes unlimited weekend calls to UK landlines and to Virgin mobiles.

Monthly cost: £15 plus £15.99 line rental for the first 6 months, then £28 a month plus line rental from month 7. You save £127.95.

The Premiere Collection

A more complete bundle with faster broadband, over 90 more TV channels and an extra set-top box for another room. Perfect for larger families who spend a lot of time online or in from of the TV.

The Premiere Collection features 179 TV channels (6 in HD), a Virgin Media TiVo and a V HD set-top box; up to 100Mbps fibre optic broadband (6x faster than the UK average) with uncapped downloads and a free Virgin Media Super Hub; inclusive weekend calls.

Monthly cost: £25 plus £15.99 line rental for the first 6 months, then £52 a month plus line rental. You save £311.95

The VIP Collection

The final bundle to qualify for all three savings is the VIP collection. This is the package for the family that wants it all, from the UK’s fastest broadband to unlimited anytime calls plus Virgin Media’s most complete TV offering.

The Virgin Media VIP Collection boasts 205 Channels (with 37 in HD), a 1TB TiVo, a V HD box for another room, Sky Movies HD, Sky Sports 1 & 2 HD and Sky Sports F1; up to 152Mbps uncapped fibre optic broadband with a free Virgin Media Super Hub; unlimited anytime calls to UK landlines and Virgin mobiles.

Monthly cost: £50 plus £15.99 line rental for the first 6 months, then £104.45 a month plus line rental from month 7. You save £476.65

Extras and upgrades

You can customise your chosen Virgin Media offer3 Collection to add faster broadband, more inclusive calls, sports channels or anything else that will make it better suit your needs – and you can do so quickly and easily in the Virgin Media basket.

The VIP collection comes with everything as standard, but there are still a handful of channels that you can add to it including the Box Nation, MUTV and Racing UK channels.


Whichever deal you choose you’ll have everything professionally installed for you by one of Virgin Media’s qualified engineers. Installation usually takes place in a single day, and you would normally have to pay £49.95 to cover the work – however while the Virgin Media offer3 deal is running you won’t have to pay this if you order the Essential, Premiere or VIP Collection.

Paying your bill

Virgin Media requires you to pay by Direct Debit for your Collection – paying by any other method would cost you an extra £60 a year. You will be signed up for ebilling rather than old-fashioned paper bills through the post, saving you a further £21 a year.

Your contract

Your collection will be sold on an 18 month minimum term contract. Be careful before you sign up if there is a chance that you will not be able to keep your Collection for the full 18 months as Virgin Media usually charges for each individual service when a customer requests early termination.

Terms and conditions

  • Virgin Media line rental required at £15.99 a month
  • Free installation only available online