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Travel insurance deals for 2019

Travel insurance is a crucial component of having a happy and stress-free holiday, especially if things should take an unexpected turn for the worse. At we list the best offers we can find from major insurers, giving you the most control possible over exactly which policy you choose to take out, and the level of cover it gives to you for the price you have to pay.

Insurance offers are always quite hard to predict, as you can never tell if the next one might be a special offer, discount, a free gift for new customers, or a policy bonus (such as family cover that charges no extra for the children). Some discounts are built into the structure of certain policies too - and while there isn't a common equivalent of a no-claims bonus in travel insurance, you might find you can get a reduction by arranging cover for a specific period of time, rather than for a specific holiday.

How you can save money on travel insurance with HotDeals

Hunting down that perfect holiday insurance deal can be a tough job, so at we aim to make it easier to find special offers, voucher codes, discounts and deals that will bring the cost of your insurance down. From one-off cover for that trip of a lifetime to frequent flyer cover, simply check through our listings to find deals that will ensure that you get the cover you need at a fair price whenever you’re travelling away from home.

Important things to consider

The types of activities you plan to undertake during your trip can have an impact on your insurance policy and how much it costs (more about this below). So if you're a thrill-seeker who loves going off-piste skiing then it's especially important not only to protect yourself with travel insurance, but to make sure that the policy you select has a suitable amount of protection within it for the particular thrill you're planning to seek!

Types of policy

The main types of travel insurance policy available to you can depend on how often you travel. For most people a single-trip policy is fine, and will insure you from the moment you arrange the cover to the moment you arrive home from your holiday. It's wise to take out cover as soon as your holiday is booked, as it could also protect you if your flight or accommodation is cancelled before you travel.

Remember that you are not obliged to take travel insurance out with your holiday provider, so it’s worth checking out the deals, voucher codes and offers at to see what other options and special offers are available.

Frequent flyers can check out deals and offers on annual or multi-trip policies to cover them for a 12-month period or a specified number of holidays. These are often taken out by people who need to travel regularly for business purposes, or who have family and close friends abroad whom they often visit. As mentioned above, the discounts here are usually built into the policy, but if we find any special offers beyond what is provided as standard, you'll see them in our travel insurance listings.

What if you get injured abroad

One of the worst things that can happen to you abroad is to suffer an injury or illness. While there are provisions for access to emergency medical treatment while you're in the EU, they might not include other costs such as mountain rescue (for skiers or snowboarders), or the cost of repatriation if you need to be brought back to the UK in a medical aircraft. Anything that involves an aeroplane or helicopter responding specifically to your injury is likely to be very expensive indeed, and the last thing you want if you've just seriously hurt yourself is to be hit with a bill for your recovery and treatment too.

Make sure your travel insurance covers any specific activities you plan to undertake - such as skiing, snowboarding, bungee jumping and skydiving - as well as any hobbies you might not consider to be quite so dangerous, such as snorkelling, scuba diving, and mountain biking. Be wary of alcohol as well. A holiday is (quite rightly) a time to indulge yourself a little, but any injuries you sustain whilst drunk will not usually be covered by your travel insurance policy.

Hotel trouble

We've all seen documentaries about ‘holidays from hell’, and while none of us would ever wish that upon ourselves, you need to know you're protected if you arrive at your destination to find your accommodation is a building site - or, worse still, hasn't been built at all! If you've paid for your holiday in advance, you might not have a great deal of spare cash in your budget to simply book in at a different hotel. But a call to your insurers should sort that out! Depending on your type and level of cover, you can expect anything up to a fully personal service and immediate rearrangement of your booking to find you somewhere to stay.

As with all insurance policies, you should check the full terms and conditions of your cover before signing up for it, and know exactly what you are entitled to if something does go wrong. Choose carefully, though, and being insured against this kind of disruption can make a huge difference to the turmoil you suffer - and can allow you to still have an enjoyable holiday.

Cancelled flights

Suffer a cancelled flight, and you could be in serious trouble without travel insurance - particularly on the way back from your holiday. On your flight out, any delays and cancellations can eat into the time you get to spend abroad, and you should rightfully expect to be compensated if this happens. On the way back, you could find yourself stranded in a foreign country without the option of extending your hotel booking, and with only your own money to cover any costs arising from arranging emergency accommodation, food and so on.

Flights can be cancelled for a variety of reasons. The most obvious cause is the collapse of a low-cost airline (or a high-cost one, for that matter!), which can result in large numbers of flights being cancelled. Unfortunately, this has happened several times in recent years.

Terrorist activities, although they may be unpleasant to think about, can also lead to transport disruption and airport closures. And there is always the outside risk of a natural disaster, as with the eruption of the Icelandic volcano Eyjafjallajokull and the dust cloud that spread over Europe and effectively shut down the entire flight network across several countries. Travel insurance can protect against all of these (check the policy wording for specifics like which natural disasters are covered) so you don't find yourself out of pocket if and when they occur.

The bottom line is that canny travellers make sure they’re insured before setting out. So travel smart, and check out the special offers, voucher codes and deals on before you head off for that trip of a lifetime!

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