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Pre-school toys deals 2019

From the day they’re born, children are learning something new. Long before they go to school for the first time they’re finding out about colours, shapes, sounds and even letters and numbers. But pre-school learning can’t be dry and matter of fact - it has to be fun, colourful and entertaining to hold their attention, and that’s what today’s huge range of pre-school toys aims to do.

At we firmly believe that pre-school kids deserve the best deals on toys that can help them to grow and learn. So we’ve gathered together some great special offers, discounts and voucher codes that will cut the cost of your pre-school toys. New toys are constantly being introduced alongside classics such as Duplo and Fisher Price, so keep checking back all year round to see the latest deals and offers online.

Pre-school toys and age range

It’s worth remembering that your child’s early development, their thoughts and their intelligence can be shaped by the toys they play with at this young age. So special care and attention should be paid to picking out the ones that will not only keep your child amused but help them learn.

Babies and toddlers are constantly changing at a rapid rate, so it’s important to get toys that are suited to your child’s specific age range. This is true not just for safety reasons but also because the way the child interacts with toys changes greatly during the overall pre-school period.

For newborn babies and up to around half a year old, toys should be very basic and require very little direct interactions. Toys for this age range should engage their primary senses – sight and sound – so the more colourful and melodic the better. Musical mobiles to hang above their cot, simple colourful toys that make a noise when squeezed or shaken, cuddly toys and activity mats are perfect toys for babies, and can provide vital stimulation in their early days.

6-12 months

As they grow, babies gradually become more aware of their external environment and begin to be able to interact with their surroundings and objects more. Of course individual children develop at their own unique rate, but this is generally the age when children become more inquisitive and eager to explore the world around them. The toys they play with then necessarily become ever so slightly more complex and are designed to enhance their motor skills and coordination. Soft building blocks, toys with buttons, bouncers, walkers, musical toys and various colourful bath toys are suitable for this age range.

1+ years

A year into their young life, a child’s imagination is really starting to blossom and should be nurtured with toys that will help them play and learn. Toy animals are popular and help the child to learn about the world in a fun way, and push-along toys are always good once they’re walking. Many kids enjoy playing with shapes and similar toys that will help build their memory and reasoning skills.

18-24 months

As they get older and start talking, many 1-year olds love nothing more than pretending to be an adult, so tea party play sets, toy mobile phones, dolls and toy kitchens are the order of the day. By this time they’re also starting to get favourite characters and animals which can give vital clues as to the kinds of toys they’ll enjoy.

2+ years

By the age of two they’re really starting to learn about the world around them, and getting more familiar with colour, shapes, numbers and other key concepts. They’re also becoming much more confident on their feet, and are ready for ride-on toys and other more physical activities. Now is also a good time to encourage their artistic sides with things like children’s art sets. More complex puzzles and make-believe kits will also help to improve their problem solving skills and expand their imagination.

3+ years

Three years old marks a milestone where many more toys become available for pre-school kids. A diminished risk of choking hazard means that smaller parts can be included, giving greater scope for toy manufacturers. By this age their intelligence is also really starting to develop, making learning toys such as child’s play laptops a great choice. They also like to dress up and pretend, and there are a wide variety of toy outfits out there to choose from, ranging from police uniforms to cowboys and princesses. Things like action figures, toy cars and playsets will also enhance their imaginative play.

Safety first

When purchasing pre-school toys your first concern is inevitably whether they’re safe for your child. Keep an eye out for the CE mark which is required on all toys to signify that they have passed rigorous health and safety checks before going on sale. For further peace of mind, only buy from well-known and trusted retailers and manufacturers.

The safety of toys for a child is also dependent on parent’s vigilance and common sense, and you should always ensure that any toy is suitable for your child’s age, particularly for children under three who may swallow small parts.

Developing your child’s interests

The toys you get your child when they’re young can have a significant impact on their interests and activities as they get older. If you notice that your child has any particular interests or favourites you should also try to encourage these by buying appropriate toys. For example they might be fascinated by planes, cars, animals or certain characters, and indulging these interests can help to really grow and nurture your child’s personality.

Saving money on Pre-school toys

Of course, while you no doubt want to give your children the best pre-school toys on offer (particularly if they’re pestering you for them!), many of us live in difficult times financially at the moment. But there are ways of making your money go further and getting the best toys for less. Many retailers offer special offers from time to time, particularly around Christmas, and you may be able to save money when you spend a certain amount or get three toys for the price of two. If ordering online, be sure to also check if there are any discounts available on postage and packing, such as by using voucher codes, as this can add to the overall price considerably for large items.

Here at you’ll find a variety of discounts and special offers on pre-school toys, including percentage discounts from certain retailers and on specific items. When examining the available offers be sure to always check for the expiration date and any other relevant terms and conditions to avoid missing out on some great deals for pre-school toys.

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