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Outdoor toys are a great way of entertaining your kids while at the same time helping to ensure that they stay physically active and get plenty of fresh air. But in an age of video games and myriad television channels it can be difficult to keep them interested in the Great Outdoors!

So to stand the best chance of pulling your children away from the TV and into the garden or the local park, you need to get them toys that are suitable for their age and suited to their tastes and interests.

But we know that, at the moment, household budgets are stretched to the maximum, so at HotDeals.co.uk we’ve gathered together a great range of deals, special offers and voucher codes on a whole range of outdoor toys. Our selection is always changing, so keep checking back in the winter for deals on sledges or the summer for a great deal on a trampoline!

Buying outdoor toys for your child’s age range

Whenever buying outdoor toys in a physical toy store or online over the Internet, it’s important to look at the box or the description provided. This should carry a label designating the age range that the toy is suitable for. In the case of younger children it is particularly important to buy within the correct age range, as some toys may contain small parts or other potential hazards.

Safety concerns aside, buying a child a toy that is intended for an older range may mean that they struggle to use it properly and may grow frustrated.

Playing safe in the great outdoors

Safety is undoubtedly one of your main concerns when buying outdoor toys for your children and grandchildren. Fortunately all toys sold in the UK are required by law to meet a series of strict health and safety requirements, as per the Toy (Safety) Regulations 2011. Compliance with these standards is signified by a CE mark that you’ve probably already noticed on toys. Some sports equipment is not covered by these regulations, but it will be covered by other consumer safety guidelines.

One of the surest ways of ensuring that the outdoor toys you buy are safe to play with is to only buy from major well known retailers that are known to adhere to all safety standards regarding the sale of toys. Special care should always be taken when purchasing second hand toys, as they may have broken or otherwise modified parts that may present a risk.

Of course it is also up to the parents or other supervising adults to ensure the safety of children’s outdoor play to some degree.

Types of outdoor toys

The choices available for outdoor toys are probably far greater than when you yourself were a child, and so much choice can be overwhelming at times. Of course some types of outdoor toys will never grow old, and many of the old classics remain.

Trampolines are immense fun for kids and a very good way of encouraging them to get some exercise. When buying a trampoline it’s important to make sure that the one you’re purchasing is suitable for your child as there are many different sizes available. For younger children, a relatively small trampoline with a safety barrier around it is highly recommended.

Even for slightly older kids, it’s often a good idea to supervise them, if only for your own peace of mind! At HotDeals.co.uk we often have special discounts and voucher codes for top-of-the-range trampolines that can make them affordable for everyone. Simply browse through our selection of offers and deals to see if there’s a great deal to be had.

Most people have fond memories of swings in the playground, and their simplicity remains a hit with kids today. Safety should be paramount here too and supervision is recommended to avoid accidents, particularly for smaller children who have yet to learn their limits! Other perennial playground favourites that continue to entertain today’s younger generation include climbing frames and slides, for which the same advice is relevant.

Wheeled ride-on toys remain a popular favourite, and range from bicycles and scooters to junior quad bikes. These can be a safe and relatively affordable way of engaging their minds and bodies at the same time, and can help to keep them occupied for many a happy hour.

Then there are children’s sports sets, ranging from crazy golf and basketball to swingball and pop-up football goals. In the wake of Britain’s Olympic summer, these can be a great way of getting kids interested in sports at an early age, and can have a significant impact on their future fitness levels and regular activities.

Older children may enjoy playing with toy guns equipped with foam ‘bullets’, or getting their friends wet with today’s increasingly impressive ranges of water pistols. Radio control cars are also getting ever-more advanced – just be sure to keep an eye on them if your children are using them on the street.

Choosing a brand you trust

If you’ve got in mind a particular outdoor toy you’d like to buy then one approach to finding the right one for your child is to pick a brand you trust and check out what is available in their range. Popular manufacturers in the UK include Hasbro, Henbrandt and Kingfisher, and they’re all names that crop up regularly on our special offers and voucher code listings.

Then of course you have the option of buying either online or in-store. It’s often cheaper to buy toys online and this does usually give you the chance to read reviews and advice written by parents just like you who have previously bought the toy, and this can help you to decide if your child will enjoy playing with it before you purchase.

Saving money on your outdoor toy purchases

You don’t have to spend a fortune to pick up an outdoor toy that your child will get many hours of fun out of. Keep an eye out for special discounts, particularly in the run up to Christmas or at the end of the winter or summer seasons when many retailers are falling over themselves to try and shift their older stock. Be sure to also check what offers are available on HotDeals.co.uk including discounted prices, voucher codes and end-of-line seasonal reductions from the UK’s biggest online retailers.

If you order online or via a catalogue its worth remembering that larger items can cost a significant amount extra when it comes to postage and packing. That said, many online retailers offer special discounts on delivery, or even free delivery at certain times, so be vigilant and you could save a substantial amount.

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