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Tuesday 14th February 2012
Unlimited broadband for £2.50 per month is currently available from Tesco.
Friday 2nd December 2011
Insurance provider Tesco automatically increases the value of home contents cover over...
Thursday 10th November 2011
The prices of many popular toys are being slashed in the lead-up to Christmas 2011 due to the...
Tuesday 25th October 2011
The new loyalty card from Waitrose offers personalised deals to customers.
Tuesday 18th October 2011
A rise in transactions on household essentials has been recorded at Tesco in recent weeks.
Thursday 13th October 2011
Chief executive of Morrisons Dalton Philips said the supermarket is cheaper than the rest of...

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Our Tesco deals, offers and voucher codes can help you to save on your weekly food shopping, fashion, gifts, entertainment and must-have gadgets.

Tesco is the UK’s biggest retailer, operating from a network of more than 3,000 stores and a suite of websites that each focus on a different aspect of its business.

Tesco.com offers the UK’s largest range of groceries, including the Everyday Value and Finest lines with sales of each amounting to more than £1 billion annually. Recent years have seen more and more people ordering their weekly food shopping online for delivery on any day of the week.

Tesco Direct carries an extensive range of technology, gaming, electronics, home & garden, toys, gifts, jewellery, books and entertainment lines. All items can be ordered for home delivery, and many can be ordered for free delivery to store.

In recent years the company has also expanded into fashion, including the exclusive F&F brand, banking, broadband, mobile phones, diets, wine, kitchens, bathrooms, carpets, travel, flowers and even solar panels.

There are lots of different ways to save at Tesco, including deals, offers and voucher codes while most purchases across the various Tesco sites qualify for Clubcard points.

Tesco.com Deals

Throughout the year you can expect to find some great deals in store and online with Tesco. These include multibuy offers, discount promotions and sometimes VAT-free weeks in specific departments. The end-of-season sales that follow summer and Christmas often offer the largest discounts on individual items.

Tesco.com voucher codes

A quick and easy way to save is with the use of Tesco voucher codes, or ‘eCoupons’, which give a discount on a specific item or against any purchase from a particular department. Once you’ve found a Tesco voucher code on Hot Deals you simply need to enter the whole code, including any hyphens, in the ‘Add eCoupons and Clubcard vouchers’ section during the checkout process. Remember to click ‘Add’ after you’ve entered each eCoupon to apply the discount.

Tesco.com Clubcard

The Tesco Clubcard was launched in 1995 and helped push Tesco ahead of Sainsbury’s in terms of market share. Today millions of UK consumers collect points on their in-store and online purchases, receiving gift vouchers and discount coupons via a quarterly statement in return. Several times a year the Clubcard Exchange programme lets you double the value of your Clubcard vouchers by specifying which department you want to spend them in.

Placing your online order

It’s really easy to order online from Tesco. You can either browse through the various departments or find items directly via the search box at the top of the page. Clicking on an item will bring up more information and give you the option to add the item to your online ‘basket’.

Once you’ve added everything you should click ‘view basket’ at the top of the page to confirm your selections, to make any changes, or to remove any items. Once you’ve continued onto the checkout you’ll need to sign in if you’ve used the service before, or register if you haven’t. You’ll then confirm your delivery details, enter any voucher codes or eCoupons you may have and pay for your items using a credit or debit card.

Tesco history

Tesco has been a mainstay on the British High Street since 1929 when the first store opened in north London. Today the chain operates in 14 international markets across Asia, Europe and America and with more than 3,050 stores in the UK alone.

The expansion of Tesco as a retail brand saw it outgrow many high streets, prompting the creation of the out-of-town ‘superstore’ in 1968. Since then Tesco has launched a range of smaller shops including the Tesco Metro stores, which began to appear in 1992, and which focussed on local needs and lunchtime snack foods and the smaller convenience-store style Tesco Express stores in 1994. Today Tesco operates in 14 international markets across Europe, Asia and North America and is the UK’s top retailer.