Sky - - 12 months half price totally unlimited broadband

Sky - Sky Unlimited Broadband Half Price For 12 Months

Demand more from your home broadband deal with Sky and save up to £180. Sky Sports TV customers get 24 months free totally unlimited broadband, while existing TV customers and new non-TV customers can get 12 months half price. All deals include a free wireless router and unlimited public Wi-Fi usage with The Cloud.
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28th March 2014 - Sky Unlimited Broadband Half Price For 12 Months - Sky Unlimited Broadband Half Price For 12 Months

Sky isn’t just the home of satellite TV, it’s also home to great broadband. With Sky Broadband Unlimited there are absolutely no download limits whatsoever so you really can download as many movies, games and songs as you like each and every month with nothing to stand in your way. Plus, with broadband there is no traffic management, so you won’t find your connection slowing down at peak times – even if you're a seriously heavy downloader.

Plus, when you sign up for the Sky No Limits unlimited broadband offer you’ll get a free wireless router plus free and unlimited access to Wi-Fi away from home with The Cloud network. And the great news is that you can get this totally unlimited Sky broadband free for the first six months with the deal – saving up to £60 – whether you’re a new or an existing customer.

12 months half price totally unlimited broadband for existing Sky TV customers

If you’re already with Sky TV you can easily add Sky Broadband Unlimited to your subscription thanks to the special offer, and you’ll get the first 6 months free.

To qualify for the offer you need to switch your landline, line rental, calls and broadband to the Sky network. You’ll start paying £15.40 a month line rental when you make the switch, and that will include weekend calls to UK landlines and you'll save £45 thanks to getting 12 months half price.

The deal for new customers

If you’re not a Sky customer and you want to join without a TV package you can get 6 months free unlimited broadband with the deal.

If you live in a Sky network area you can place your order online and arrange to have your phone line and calls transferred to Sky, and to set up the payment for the £14.50 a month line rental, which price includes weekend calls.

The first 6 months broadband will be free thanks to the deal, and you’ll pay just £10 per month on top of your line rental from the 12th month - so you'll save £60.

Switching to the Sky No Limits deal

Sky says that they can usually get you online within two weeks of your order being confirmed. If you’re switching from your current broadband supplier to take up the broadband service you should telephone them to request your MAC code as this can go a long way towards easing the switching process and reduce the likelihood of you being left with no internet access as the switchover takes place.


If you’re an existing Sky TV customer or a new customer taking the broadband service without TV you’ll be able to set everything up yourself in half an hour or less. Your wireless router will be sent to you in the post and you’ll be notified of the day that your broadband service will go live. When that day comes just follow the simple installation instructions that you'll find in the router box.

What you need to know

  • You'll need to pay Sky line rental at £15.40 a month
  • 12 month minimum term contract
  • Includes calls to UK landlines from midnight Friday to midnight Sunday only
  • This is an online exclusive deal

  • Totally unlimited broadband with no traffic management or fair usage policy
  • 12 months half price
  • Free wireless router

  • Available in Sky network areas only
  • Requires Sky line rental at £15.40 a month

Terms and conditions

  • Subject to Sky Network availability in your area
  • Requires Sky line rental at £15.40 a month