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Pet insurance deals 2019

Pet insurance allows you to protect your four-legged family members (or, in some cases, two-legged, no-legged, or eight-legged!). At we make sure we list all of the latest special offers and voucher codes to help you to do so at a good price, and get the best possible level of cover on your policy.

How to get the best deal on pet insurance

At we recognise just how much it can cost to own a pet, and so we search out deals, special offers and discounts on everything from pet insurance to toys, food and carriers to help you keep the costs down. Check out our listings to find voucher codes, deals and discounts on all types of pet insurance.

As with any insurance, the headline price is not the only concern, and you should always take a close look at the full policy description, terms and conditions, and particularly any limitations on the cover, before you agree to it. However, if you have found several different policies that meet your needs then the discounts, voucher codes and special offers that appear in our listings may make it a little easier to choose between them.

The best place to start is simply the type of animal you are trying to insure. Different policies apply to different kinds of pet, as we will explain in more detail below. If you've had your pet for some time and never had insurance before then the age of your furry friend will also play a part, but should not be a deciding factor unless the creature is old enough to have developed long-term health concerns.

Once you're confident that your animal is of a type that can be covered, and is fit enough to pass an insurer's medical tests, it should just be a case of going through the deals and offers available and finding the best policy for your price range.

Common pet insurance

The commonest types of pet insurance are, understandably, for the types of pet that most British households have as an extra family member. You're most likely to see dog, cat and rabbit insurance offers, with the terms of the policy tailored to the kinds of risk faced by each kind of animal, and the typical costs incurred when seeking medical treatment for the injuries and illnesses they are most likely to suffer.

Some policies have specific rules applying to very young animals, so look out for puppy and kitten insurance, which not only sounds adorable but can also help you to cope with any unexpected costs associated with having a new furry friend join your family. Clearly you might expect the costs to be less when your pet is young and fit, but it's still worth having cover in place just in case something happens to them.

As such, it’s always worth looking out for offers and discounts on pet insurance from the outset. With plenty of years left on the clock, supporting them for a lifetime could prove even more expensive than if they become injured when they are already old. At HotDeals there are always special offers and deals that can help you cut the cost of even the most basic pet insurance policies, and voucher codes that could help with other things such as pet food, bedding and toys to keep your friend happy as well as healthy!

Lifetime policies

If you’re looking for something that’s a bit more comprehensive, then check out our deals and offers on lifetime policies. These have a couple of variations, but in either case the basic concept is that they should protect your pet until the day they die. In contrast, if your pet is becoming particularly elderly and infirm, you might find it difficult to renew a 12-month policy, even with the same insurer. One interpretation of lifetime policies overcomes this by simply agreeing to maintain the cover indefinitely, as long as you keep paying the premiums, regardless of how the health of your pet might deteriorate.

A slightly different interpretation is to view lifetime policies as providing a continual payout for any ongoing health conditions, rather than being subject to a limit of, for example, 12 months from the date the injury is sustained. This is a very important distinction if your pet picks up a permanent disability early in its life, as a lifetime policy should ultimately pay out a much higher amount than a 12-month policy would, and renewing annual cover is likely to be very difficult for a pet with an existing injury.

If you are considering taking out a lifetime pet insurance policy, make sure you know exactly what it means by 'lifetime', and also look into whether the cost of the policy is fixed for life, or whether you could ultimately find yourself priced out of being able to renew it. Also look to a reliable insurer that is likely to still be in business when your pet reaches old age - as an insurance policy is only worth as much as the company that underwrites it.

Exotic pet insurance

The definition of 'exotic' is open to interpretation, and you might actually find that what you consider to be a fairly ordinary pet is actually classed as something a little bit special by certain insurers. For example, while rabbits are fairly easy to find pet insurance for, their smaller counterparts might not be. Small mammal insurance is a specialist product that is sometimes listed under insurers' 'exotic' category, even though the animals protected are likely to be mice, guinea pigs, hamsters and so on. The direct justification for this might not be too obvious, but when you start to include more unusual pets and long-distance travellers like chipmunks and chinchillas, it begins to seem like a more reasonable classification.

For truly exotic pets like snakes and reptiles, or tarantulas, it's wise to have a specific policy that covers their unique needs (which could be something as simple as a power outage affecting their heat lamps). You can also arrange specialist bird insurance - which again might seem odd for something as common as a budgerigar, but begins to seem more sensible when you include larger tropical birds like parrots on your policy.

Business insurance

At first glance, you might expect that pet business insurance covers, for example, racehorses or greyhounds; but in truth it is a slightly different interpretation of the phrase that applies. Pet business insurance is literally aimed at 'pet businesses', such as kennels and catteries. If you work with other people's animals in almost any context, this is the product for you.

You can arrange pet business insurance if you're a dog walker or a dog groomer, if you train people's pets, or if you provide certain healthcare services such as hydrotherapy for animals. This cover gives you essential protection in the event that something happens to a customer's pet while it is in your care, allowing you to cover any medical bills or compensate them for their loss, in the worst-case scenario.

Finally, some insurers will not insure stray or rescue animals, so check beforehand to ensure that if you do give a rescue animal a home that your pet insurance will cover them for any injuries or illnesses.

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