Household bills putting consumers under pressure

Thursday, May 3rd 2012
Household bills putting consumers under pressure
Consumers are finding it difficult to cope with spiralling energy bills, according to Santander.

The spiralling cost of energy bills is putting a number of consumers under pressure as they struggle to cope with their household costs, according to the latest research from Santander.

It claimed that household bills have risen by 71 per cent over the last decade, at almost double the rate of inflation over the same period.

This has made life difficult for many homeowners, with 78 per cent of Britons claiming their lives have been impacted in some way by the soaring cost of water, electricity and gas.

Furthermore, 29 per cent claimed the increase has decreased their overall standard of living.

Carlos Palacios, banking director at Santander, said: "There are a number of things people can do to reduce their household bills, from installing home energy monitors to analysing their energy usage or changing their utility suppliers."

This comes after the government agreed a deal with major national energy suppliers such as British Gas and E.On which could see consumers offered a better deal on their bills.