AA says speeding fines quadruple due to car insurance increase

Friday, April 13th 2012
Speeding fines 'lead to fourfold rise in insurance premiums'
Speeding fines can be substantially more expensive when the rise in insurance premiums is considered.

The cost of a motorist's first speeding fine can effectively quadruple due to the subsequent rise in their car insurance premium, according to the AA.

New research from the organisation revealed that the real cost of a typical £60 fine is substantially higher when the increase in the insurance premium over the following three years is taken into account.

The total cost can be reduced by taking a speed awareness course, the AA explained, but drivers caught using a mobile phone behind the wheel should expect to be dealt with harshly by their insurer and may even have their cover withdrawn.

Simon Douglas, director of AA Insurance, said: "Those who flout the law are more likely to make a claim and their premium reflects that risk.

"Why should the majority of motorists who stay within the law subsidise those who don't?"

Earlier this month, The Co-Operative claimed young motorists with so-called black box car insurance are 20 per cent less likely to crash than drivers with regular policies.

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