Mobile Broadband Deals

Every year more and more of us are joining the mobile broadband revolution

Mobile broadband has all of the great benefits of home broadband but with the added convenience of letting you get online literally anywhere.

For those that have already made to the leap to mobile broadband – whether Pay As You Go mobile broadband or Pay Monthly broadband – they soon find it becomes indispensible.

At Hot Deals we always keep up to date with the latest mobile broadband deals, broadband offers and laptop and mobile broadband deals.

To help you compare the different mobile broadband providers in the UK let’s take a look at each in turn:

3 Mobile Broadband

You can get 3 mobile broadband access as either Pay As You Go mobile broadband or as Pay Monthly mobile broadband.

3 Mobile Pay As You Go mobile broadband does not have a monthly bill to pay. Instead you pay for the equipment costs up front and then, as long as you keep within your usage limit – between 1GB and 12GB depending on which package you go for – you won’t have to pay anything else.

3 Mobile Pay Monthly broadband works in reverse; there are no equipment costs to pay up front and you pay a monthly fee instead. This monthly fee depends upon the amount of data you can download each month, 1GB, 5GB or 15GB.

3 Mobile Broadband also has a monthly deal if mobile broadband is something that you’ll only ever need to use occasionally.

O2 mobile broadband

O2 mobile broadband also comes as either Pay As You Go mobile broadband or Pay Monthly broadband.

As with 3 Mobile Broadband you can get a free dongle for paying monthly, and these deals come in a range of prices and download allowances.

You can also opt for Pay As You Go mobile broadband from O2 in three different packages that come with either 1GB or 2GB free each month.

A nice touch with O2 mobile broadband is that they offer coloured mobile broadband dongles in white, black and pink.

This is not only great if you want to match your dongle to your laptop but is ideal if more than one person in your house signs up for O2 mobile broadband. If you get differently coloured dongles they’ll never be any arguments caused by one person accidentally eating into the download allowance of the other.

Orange mobile broadband

Orange mobile offers mobile broadband on pay monthly contracts. There are two currently in operation: Racoon and Dolphin.

With Orange Racoon you get 500Mb of monthly downloads and pay just 5p per MB after that. If you’re only planning to use your mobile broadband dongle for checking emails or for light social networking then Racoon is ideal.

Dolphin from Orange broadband is aimed at heavier web users. You get twice the allowance of Racoon (1GB) and you can use your dongle as much as you like at any of the thousands of BT Openzone Wi-Fi hotspots.

T-Mobile mobile broadband

With T-Mobile mobile broadband you can choose to pay monthly, pay per day or pay up front. T-Mobile mobile broadband was voted 'best consumer mobile broadband .

T-Mobile pay monthly mobile broadband is offered on 18 month contracts. If you sign up you’ll get 2GB of downloads and a Mac or PC compatible dongle.

Pay per day mobile broadband from T-Mobile features dongles in either black or pink and lets you download up to 500MB a day, up to 1GB per week and up to 2GB per month.

If you opt for pay up front mobile broadband from T-Mobile you won’t have to worry about a contract or monthly subscription charge and you can still download up to 2GB in a month.

Vodafone mobile broadband

Vodafone mobile broadband is offered in four main packages.

Vodafone Starter mobile broadband is a Pay As You Go mobile broadband package that comes with a free standard dongle and a monthly usage allowance of 3GB.

Vodafone Standard mobile broadband is a pay monthly mobile broadband is an 18 month package that has a 3GB monthly allowance and comes with a free standard dongle and basic PC protection.

Vodafone Premium mobile broadband is a pay monthly mobile broadband comes with a free standard dongle, free premium PC protection and a download allowance of 4GB per month. Contract length is 18 months.

Vodafone Ultimate mobile broadband is a pay monthly mobile broadband package that lets you download 5GB each month with a free professional dongle and free premium PC protection.

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