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Your home is undoubtedly one of the most important things in your life. Even if you are fortunate enough to have more than one home, have friends or family who could take you in, or simply have enough money to replace lost possessions, the idea of anything happening to your house and its contents being lost is probably not one that you would choose to contemplate.

How you can save you money on your home insurance

At HotDeals.co.uk we recognise the real-terms and sentimental value that people place on their property, and our listed offers, deals and voucher codes aim to ease the financial burden of protecting the things that you treasure most.

So we make an effort to bring you a great selection of discounts, voucher codes and special offers all year round that will help you keep the cost of your house insurance down. When your policy is due for renewal, simply log on to our Home Insurance category and see if some of the offers and deals available suit both your budget and your requirements.

There are two main types of home insurance - contents insurance and building insurance - and each serves a very specific purpose. Below we look at the most important things you should know about each one, the kinds of losses they typically cover, and some of the pitfalls to avoid when filling in your policy application form.

Contents Insurance

Contents insurance fundamentally insures the contents of your home against damage or theft. If you have a fire, for example, your contents insurance should help you to replace anything that was lost. If you are robbed, again, a contents insurance claim should help you to replace your stolen possessions like-for-like. Unusual damages such as burst water pipes or power surges that break electrical items may also be covered, but as always, check your policy wording carefully to be sure.

Depending on the policy you take out, contents insurance can also cover several other areas - even some outside of your home. Some policies, for instance, include a certain degree of cover for bicycles that you own, so that you can make a claim for theft or damage wherever it occurs.

Others protect the contents of your garden, including any valuable plants or mature trees that you have, certain types of garden ornaments, tools such as spades and hoes, and electrical appliances like lawn mowers. You will still need to exercise a ‘duty of care’ in looking after these - you can't use your contents insurance as an excuse to leave them lying around unattended. But if you are burgled and all they take is the contents of your shed then you should still find you are able to make a claim.

Some policies offer a degree of 'gadget' insurance, singling out things like mobile phones, laptops and games consoles as a separate category. In one sense this is good, because you can feel confident that you will receive a payout if these things are stolen. But given the high value of some such items, it's worth checking the policy limit, and paying extra for a higher level of cover if your home is particularly filled with technological marvels.

Alternatively, you can take out separate gadget insurance for extra peace of mind. Check out the special offers and deals at HotDeals.co.uk, as we often have voucher codes and offers on discounted gadget insurance.

Similarly if you have other high-value possessions such as a collection of valuable artworks or items of prestige jewellery, you should make sure your insurer is notified of these individually. You may be asked to provide an itinerary and photographs of anything important that you own to help the police to recover it if it is ever stolen.

In some cases, you might even find that you are asked to store possessions securely if it is possible to do so, and that could mean investing in a floor or wall safe to hide them away behind a lock that only you can open. So when you’re checking out the home content insurance deals, voucher codes and special offers on HotDeals, make sure you take these things into consideration to make sure you get the best deal that suits you.

Building Insurance

Building insurance literally covers the structure of your home, the shell of the building itself, and little else. It is a product intended to ensure that, if something catastrophic happens and your home is damaged or totally destroyed, you are able to put it back just as it was.

So if you have a three-bedroom property, you can rebuild your home with three bedrooms, and so on. Your policy might also include additional cover for the cost of arranging alternative accommodation until your repaired or rebuilt home is ready for you to move back in. However, there are certain limits on building insurance that it is important to be aware of.

The main one of these is the way insurers calculate the value of your property. Because the insurance is intended to allow you to repair or totally rebuild your property as it was before and on your existing owned land, the value of your home is not calculated based on how much you could sell it for on the open housing market.

When you buy a house on the open market you're getting it complete, often with a certain amount of furnishing (such as carpets, or white goods) and with the convenience of being able to move in as soon as the keys are exchanged. All of this adds to the price.

To keep costs down, one place to save money is on your house insurance by looking for discounts and offers that reduce the premium for properties that are fully alarmed, for example.

When you rebuild a property from scratch, you only need to pay for the labour and materials, along with the relevant legal fees. As such, the value of your home on a building insurance policy is based on this rebuild cost and not the full market value.

So to furnish your rebuilt home, you're likely to need to make a corresponding claim on your contents insurance. It is up to you as the customer to make sure you use the correct valuation of your property when arranging building insurance, or you could find yourself paying extra on your policy, without the chance of it paying out the full amount you stated on the application.

A compulsory requirement for mortgages

One more thing that is important to note about building insurance is that it tends to form a compulsory part of most mortgage agreements. Your mortgage provider uses your home as collateral on the loan, and will want to know that they can claim on your insurance to repay what is owed to them, if the building itself is destroyed.

As always, you should be under no obligation to take out the specific building insurance policy recommended to you by your mortgage lender, if they choose to specify one. So check out the discounts and special offers on HotDeals.co.uk for the chance to get the best cover at the right price for you.

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