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Cheap Holidays deals 2019

We’d all like to take a holiday at least once a year, preferably to somewhere warm and that’s nothing like home! But in today’s uncertain times many of us are foregoing that pleasure, with lack of money being one of the most frequent reasons for staying home rather than packing our suitcase for warmer climes.

However, you don’t have to spend a fortune to go on holiday, and it’s possible to get a cheap break that’s still a very good holiday, particularly if you take advantage of some of the travel deals here at We’ve got a great selection of voucher codes, offers and some amazing holiday bargains all year round. So no matter when you’re jetting off to the sun, keep checking back on to find your perfect holiday for less.

How to get more holiday for less

If you’re someone who enjoys a holiday on the sun, or the kids are nagging you to take them somewhere fun and exotic, the flights themselves can be one of the biggest expenses of the whole holiday. Therefore you might consider starting your search for a cheap holiday by looking for discounted flights to the kind of destination that suits you. Here on you’ll find plenty of affordable flights that can help you to cut the cost of an overseas holiday.

We’ve got special offers from some of the biggest carriers in the world, so by browsing through our voucher codes and online deals you could be jetting off to the other side of the world for a fraction of the cost!

However, if your holiday aspirations are a little closer to home then you should also keep an eye out for great offers and voucher codes for domestic travel such as coaches and trains. Sometimes you can cut as much as 50% or more off the normal price – a considerable saving if you’ve got a large family.

Save money on digs

Aside from travel to the destination itself, accommodation is another big expense for any holiday, and one that’s difficult to get around. But by shopping around for the best prices you can save substantial amounts of money on your accommodation – money you can then spend on enjoying yourself!

If you’re flexible on when you take your holiday then it’s worth noting that many accommodations of all sorts at home and abroad – cottages, holiday parks, hotels etc – offer substantially reduced rates in off-season periods and ‘shoulder’ seasons when less visitors are usually expected.

Though the weather may not be quite as warm as it might be during the peak season, the savings you make and the extra enjoyment you get out of the holiday as a result can more than make up for it. It’s also worth remembering that less busy times of the year mean fewer queues and less crowds.

If on the other hand you’ve got your heart set on a specific time of the year, it’s well worth checking to see if there are any seasonal offers that you can take advantage of. Holiday seasons such as Christmas, Halloween and half-term are particularly well catered for by discounts and special offers, as all the accommodation providers try to outdo each other to grab a slice of the visitor influx. Check out our category for hotels and accommodation to find a great deal on your next hotel stay.

Making your holiday money go further

If you’re going abroad then travel insurance is also another essential item that can add to your overall travel expenses. While this certainly isn’t an area that you’d want to skimp on to save money, it is possible to find special offers and discounts via

Once you’ve arrived at your destination you can also continue saving. Car hire can really eat into your travel budget, so it pays to shop around and find the best deals on offer. You should also keep an eye out for holiday packages that include free car hire.

Cheap all-inclusive holidays

If you’re the kind of person that would like everything pre-planned for them and ready to enjoy then you should have a look for discounted all-inclusive holidays. Aside from the convenience, one of the best things about an all-inclusive holiday is that it can help you to budget more precisely for your vacation beforehand, since pretty much everything is covered by the cost of the overall package including food, excursions and flights.

Last-minute holidays

If you’re reasonably flexible with your holiday plans then you might consider leaving it to the last minute to book something. While this might seem risky there’s always something available last-minute, and you can get considerable discounts from holiday providers who are eager to use up every available space rather than let a booking slot go unfilled.

Because they can be so much cheaper than holidays booked far in advance, last-minute holidays are ideal for families on a budget, or anyone who is seeking an affordable holiday and is willing to let an element of chance and fate play a part in their vacation plans!

Finding the best holiday deals

Here on you’ll find a wide range of and special offers that can help your holiday money go further. We’ve got discounts on flights, train tickets, coaches and car hire, so you can get to your destination without breaking the bank. We’ve also got seasonal deals on accommodation, day trips, city breaks, all-inclusive holidays and more.

If you’ve got specific tastes and ideas about your holiday, for example you’re looking for a ski break, a holiday in the sun or a romantic weekend in a city you’re sure to find something suitable amongst the wide range of offers available.

When you’re checking out the deals, be sure to check what conditions apply that might affect whether you can take of advantage of them. For example some offers or voucher codes may be available only within specific dates or they might expire on a set day. There may be other conditions attached, such as how many people can take part in the deal.

Leave your cares behind and depart for fun in the sun

Everyone deserves a little time away from it all once in a while, and a week, fortnight or even just a snatched weekend somewhere new can be enough to recharge the batteries. By taking advantage of some of the many special money off offers available on all aspects of foreign and domestic travel it’s possible to get that break without breaking your finances. Whether lying on a beach, shopping in the city or exploring the local culture is your thing, there’s sure to be a deal for you that can help make your dream holiday come true.

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