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Cruise deals & offers 2020

Taking a cruise can be one of those once in a lifetime events that you’ll remember forever, or it can simply be a chance to relax and unwind on the high seas, far from the stresses of home. Either way, planning your cruise is not something that should be taken lightly, and you may be able to find some substantial money off deals if you check out what’s on offer through

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What kind of cruise do you want?

First and foremost, before you start looking at specific destinations and cruise offers, you need to decide what kind of cruise is right for you and what exactly you are looking to get out of it. Is your cruise one of pure relaxation and decadence, where you can simply let go, eat, drink and be merry? Is it a voyage of discovery where you will see many new things and experience things you’ve never experienced before? Do you plan to get some serious shopping done when you reach port? Do you have a particular special interest that you’re keen to indulge on a special themed cruise?

What is certain is that whatever type of cruise you’re looking for your sure to find it amongst the thousands on offer throughout the world. And once you know what type of cruise you’re looking for you can start examining the prospects of specific cruise destinations.

Where to head

Some find what they’re looking for amongst the many islands of the Caribbean or the South Pacific, while others find their own version of paradise in the Fjords of Norway, or even in the icy waters of Antarctica. The Mediterranean is a popular destination for sun worshippers and culture lovers, while those with a passion for wildlife can’t go far wrong with a tour of the Galapagos, amongst the same islands that inspired Charles Darwin to write his groundbreaking book On the Origin of Species.

It’s important that you keep your tastes and expectations at the forefront of your mind when booking a cruise, as otherwise you could end up on a lively 24-hour party boat when all you want to do is relax, or be bored amongst sun-soaking deckchair lizards!

Go with a travel agent, or go it alone?

Once you’ve settled on the type of cruise you want or even a specific destination, it’s time to find the one that will whisk you away on the adventure of your choosing. Here you have a few options. You could go to a travel agent, but it’s also just as easy to check if any are offering voucher codes or offers through first for an even better deal.

For first-time cruise passengers a travel agent can work with you to determine which cruise is best suited to your personality and your requirements. They will also take care of all the bookings and details required, right down to flights and other connections, travel insurance, the specifics of your itinerary and your cabin.

It’s also worth bearing in mind that travel agents can usually obtain special deals, offers and upgrades on your behalf, and as they get a commission from the cruise company in question there are usually no extra fees to pay for benefiting from their specialist knowledge and experience. Best of all, with a reputable travel agent your booking will be ABTA protected.

Organising your own cruise

If you’ve been on cruises before then you might on the other hand like to have a go at organising your own cruise and all that entails. This can be a little more complicated than utilising the services of a travel agent, but if you know what you’re doing the benefits can be getting the exact cruise that you want and possibly even saving money into the bargain. By checking on you could make things much easier by hunting down your perfect cruise at a reduced rate, thanks to our range of special offers on cruises.

Of course, if you choose to go it alone you’ll also have more work to do before you get to enjoy the sweet relaxation of that cruise. When booking the cruise itself you should pay special attention to things like what grade of cabin you’ll be staying in – a larger, better equipped cabin may cost more, so you might prefer something smaller to save money. On the other hand, a smaller cabin may spoil the holiday mood and make you feel cramped, so you should weigh the choice carefully.

In addition to the cabin, you should also make absolutely certain what is included in the price of the cruise. On most cruises some or all food and drink is in included in the overall price, but many charge extra for activities such as tours and other excursions, and luxury extras such as spa treatments. By checking thoroughly what is and isn’t included you can budget more effectively. Look out for voucher codes for one-off events and excursions.

Travel extras

Once you’ve booked the cruise itself there are other things to consider. Unless your cruise departs from your hometown you’ll need to book transport to the departure point, whether by plane, bus, train or anything else. Bear in mind that you may be able to find offers on which can save you money on the overall cost of organising your cruise. You should also be aware that cheaper flights can usually be obtained by booking in advance.

Travel insurance is another essential that you may be able to get a reduction on. Once again it’s important to check exactly what is included in your insurance policy, such as cancellation cover in the event that you are unable to go on the cruise, emergency medical cover and theft or loss of personal belongings.

Getting a better deal on your cruise

Everyone enjoys a holiday, but particularly so when the price is right. You can save substantial amounts of money by obtaining discounted bookings via, but there are other things you can do to make your travel budget go further.

As with flights, booking a cruise well in advance can mean that you get a better price, thanks to so-called ‘early bird’ deals. Conversely, you may be able to get a fantastic price simply by leaving it till the last minute. Cruise companies don’t like to set sail with unoccupied space, so they often offer heavily discounted cabins weeks or days before the departure date. Saving money in this way though will of course give you limited choice on the cruises available, and may mean that you don’t get the particular grade of cabin you want.

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