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Save on your gas bills with the best deals, offers and discounts from the UK's foremost energy suppliers - and make your money go further with deals on energy efficient appliances.

Gas deals 2019

With the price of gas spiralling upwards and the probability that bills could climb even higher, there’s never been a better time to start checking out the latest deals, special offers and discounts on gas appliances and suppliers at

Saving money on your gas bill makes good sense whether you live alone, share with friends, or have a family budget to maintain. For most of us, gas serves two main purposes – cooking and heating. If you have gas central heating in particular, even a modest saving on your supplier's price plan can equate to substantial money returned to your pocket when a cold snap hits. And if you literally cook with gas, you probably use some of this commodity almost every day of the year, whether it's hot or cold outside.

How we can save you money

At you’ll find special offers, discounts, voucher codes and great deals on everything from gas supply providers through to energy-efficient appliances that can help you save money all year round. The offers and voucher codes at are continually updated, giving you access to the latest deals from all of the major gas suppliers. That means that you can save money whether you’re new to switching or even if you've switched tariffs before.

Deals for new customers can be particularly attractive, so don't feel like you have to look out only for your existing supplier's name. In fact, you might be better off looking at the promotions and voucher codes run by companies who have never supplied your gas, as they're likely to be even more keen to sign you up as a customer.

Gas cookers

Gas cookers are the preferred option for many homeowners, as they give you direct control over the temperature of your hob or oven. If you’ve got a property that’s connected to gas then a gas cooker is preferable to an electric hob. They’re infinitely more controllable than an electric cooker. Turn down the gas, and the heat drops instantly, preventing burning. Turn it up and you immediately have all the heat you need to cook quickly and efficiently. This makes them popular for many people when compared with electric ovens, which can be slower to react when you adjust the temperature setting.

If you're keen to save money in all aspects of your gas consumption, keep an eye out for our deals and special offers on kitchens and gas ovens. These are regularly updated, so you can cash in on the latest offers from major manufacturers as they become available and as we continue to add them to our listings. Combine a new, gas-efficient oven with the right tariff and you could be particularly surprised by just how much it is possible to save overall.

Gas central heating

Gas central heating is not unusual, but like any heating for your home, there are steps you can take to make more effective use of your supply. If you're feeling ambitious, keep your eyes open for any offers that apply to brand new boilers - these are usually significantly more efficient than old gas boilers, and could cut the total amount of gas you use fairly substantially. This should mean a new boiler pays for itself in bill savings within a reasonable length of time - but it's not the only way you can save money by using your gas more efficiently.

Lagging your heating system is a fairly low-cost but effective option. Insulating the water tank and pipes means less heat is lost from your hot water supply, which in turn means less gas must be used to heat the water to the desired temperature. Lagging has benefits in winter beyond just keeping the heat in - it also protects the pipes against the cold coming in from outside, so if they're in an icy-cold attic, there's less chance of them freezing, and so less risk of them bursting.

Offers in these kinds of areas can vary quite a lot, from free professional installation of lagging or loft insulation, to discounts on the materials for you to install yourself. You might see the offer of free lagging when you buy a new boiler and water tank, too - the only limiting factor is the imagination of the suppliers, so keep an open mind when planning how to cut down on your gas consumption.

Dual fuel tariffs

Dual fuel tariffs are a way of saving overall on your gas and electricity supplies, by taking advantage of utility providers wanting to sign you up as a customer for both. Clearly, when you get two utilities from the same supplier, you're worth more to them than you would be if you only signed up for gas or electricity. In turn, suppliers will usually offer you some kind of benefit to recognise your value to them as a customer.

It's worth looking out for dual fuel tariffs among the offers and voucher codes we list, as they can not only offer short-term financial benefits, but will usually be cheaper in the long term than separate individual tariffs are. In this way, switching is not just a one-off way to boost your available budget; it should mean good things for your family finances for a long time to come, too.

Smaller suppliers

The UK gas market has been open to competition for quite some time now, and that means there are more companies vying for your custom than was the case in the past. Some of these firms are instantly recognisable, and have been around for many years, while others might not seem so familiar. For some people it’s a case of ‘better the devil you know’ and they are reluctant to take on one of these unfamiliar firms as their utilities supplier.

However, it is worth looking at the tariffs on offer from some of these smaller firms. With less brand recognition to rely on, they often need to look to alternatives (such as more competitive pricing and introductory offers for new customers) to help them appeal to people who have never switched supplier, or who are simply wary of brand names they don't recognise.

Take the plunge by giving one of these companies the benefit of the doubt, and you will typically be rewarded one way or another; either immediately with a cash incentive, discount or promotional tariff that puts money in your pocket from the outset, or with a longer-term deal that helps to reduce your outgoings for several months or even years. Even if you don't want to try a smaller supplier, just the fact that they are competing for your custom is still good news, as it may prompt the big brands to be a little more generous in their next special offer.

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