Fibre Optic Broadband Deals

Save money with hot deals on fibre optic broadband internet access. Includes the latest BT Infinity and Virgin Media deals.

Fibre Optic Broadband Deals

Fibre optic broadband is the way to go if you want absolutely the fastest Internet experience available in the UK.

With fibre optic broadband you can enjoy download speeds of to 100Mbps. At this speed you can download albums in just a few seconds and whole movies in minutes. Fibre optic broadband is so much faster than ‘traditional’ broadband due to the nature of the cables it employs.

Traditional broadband still relies on the old copper wires of the UK telephone network. Data travels along these wires quite slowly when compared to the rate at which data moves through fibre optic systems.

As there is an entirely different technology at work with fibre optic broadband it is not yet available across the whole of the UK.

Currently BT and Virgin Media are the only companies able to offer cable broadband in the UK.

BT Infinity: BT fibre optic broadband

BT Infinity is the name given to the BT fibre optic broadband service. With BT Infinity you can download from the internet at rates up to 40Mbps.

BT Infinity was officially launched in early 2010 and so is still very much in its early stages. So far the availability of BT Infinity is limited in many parts of the UK but all of that is certain to change as the rollout of the new BT Infinity network continues.

You can also save more money with BT Infinity by combining the broadband service with a phone package. BT currently offers the added options of either unlimited weekend calls or unlimited anytime calls.

These inclusive calls are restricted to UK land lines and 0845/0870 numbers.

Virgin Cable Broadband

Virgin Media has been providing fibre broadband intenet access to UK consumers for many years.

In 2010 they unveiled Virgin Media 100 which, at 100Mbps, is far and away the fastest UK broadband internet service available.

Virgin Media also offers other, slower broadband packages that are still incredibly fast. Their 50Mbps service is a fantastic service.

Fibre/cable broadband services from Virgin Media can be combined with a wide range of telephone and digital TV services.

Depending upon which bundle you opt for you can get over 160 digital TV channels from Virgin Media, as well as options for inclusive telephone calls, either at weekends only or at any time.

The Virgin Media network has not yet reached all corners of the UK. They claim to be able to service 55% of UK homes and businesses currently and this figure will continue to rise as they continue their planned programme of network rollout.

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