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Spend less on your electricity bills with the best deals, offers and discounts from the UK's top electricity suppliers, and find out how to make your home more energy efficient - so you can save more.

Electricity deals 2019

Most of us would consider electricity to be an essential part of our daily lives, so it is little wonder that it is also one of the biggest regular financial outgoings for many of us, too.

At HotDeals.co.uk, we can help you to tackle the cost of your utility bills, with great offers and voucher codes when you switch electricity suppliers and other deals to reduce your monthly charges on this important resource - and to help you make the best use of the electricity you consume around your home.

How to save money on your electricity bill

We’re all getting used to the idea that switching our energy suppliers is something we can do with relative ease, but at HotDeals.co.uk we go a little further and bring you great special offers, voucher codes and deals on energy efficient products.

From low-energy lightbulbs to washing machines, tumble dryers and fridges, we can help you save money every day with a selection of offers from some of the world’s most trusted manufacturers. We can also help you with voucher codes off things like insulation to make your home more energy efficient. And of course we can bring you all the information you need to make an informed choice about who supplies you with your electricity.

Switching to a new supplier is getting much easier as the utilities market becomes more competitive. That not only means it's simpler for you to make the switch, but it also means the various different electricity companies are getting more imaginative in the offers they create to try and sign you up as a customer. If you have never switched electricity supplier (and there’s still a significant number of people who haven’t done so) then the annual savings you could achieve by doing so are usually in the £300-350 range, according to numerous pieces of research that all seem to tally with one another.

Switching electricity suppliers

As more work is done to make the UK's electrical retail market more competitive, it becomes easier - and more economical - to switch suppliers in order to find the best deal. That could be an introductory offer designed to get new customers to sign up, a cheaper tariff that simply isn't available from your existing supplier, or something very specific like a discount for customers who agree to have a smart meter fitted.

Like any other product or service category, the deals available on electricity tariffs change with time. So even if you can't find a better deal at HotDeals.co.uk than the one you're currently on, then it's worth checking back in future as the suppliers are always working on new ideas. Constantly changing tariffs also means that there's plenty of opportunity to save in the future too.

Keep an eye on the news

In particular, look out for news about suppliers raising their prices. They tend to move together, meaning prices go up across the board, often in response to a change in supply coming in from overseas. But they also know that rising prices are the trigger for many people to switch their supplier - so if your rates have just gone up, it's a good sign that there might be some new offers coming on to the market that you haven't seen before.

Switching tariffs

The specific rate you pay for the electricity you use is known as your 'tariff', and it is sometimes possible to reduce the amount you pay even without switching to a new electricity supplier. Instead, there may be a cheaper tariff available from your existing supplier - and existing customers can often take advantage of the same special offers that are available to new customers too.

Look out for any discount vouchers from your current supplier showing up on our listings, and if you see one that you believe might save you money, it's always worth finding out if it's open to existing customers. Common deals on electricity tariffs include fixing your rate for a year or more, so that you can avoid any future increases by your supplier, as well as switching to paying your bills online, which often comes with a discount if you agree to stop receiving paper copies of your bills.

The suppliers are coming under increasing pressure from the regulatory bodies and the government to make tariffs more transparent and easier to understand. One of the key aspects of this is that all suppliers should be offering their customers the best prices and tariffs that are suitable for them. So if you feel you’re paying too much on your current tariff then don’t be afraid to ‘haggle’ with your supplier to get a better deal.

Finally, look for dual fuel discount vouchers - this is where you receive both electricity and gas from the same supplier, and this again is usually cheaper than having separate tariffs in place for each utility, even if those separate tariffs are with the same supplier. You can see more bargains across all the different mains supplies into your home in our Utilities section.

Electrical efficiency

It's not just the price of your electricity that affects how much you pay - it also depends on how much you use too. So one good way of cutting your bills is simply to use less mains electricity. If that sounds difficult, head over to our electricals category for some great deals that can boost your home's electrical efficiency.

One of the best places to start is in the kitchen or laundry room, where there are usually plenty of power-hungry appliances. With our retailer and manufacturer special offers, you can get modern, grade-A washing machines, driers, dishwashers and refrigerators, improving the energy efficiency of your home, and cutting down on your electricity consumption in the process.

Not only will you use less power thanks to these energy-efficient appliances, but they will also look more attractive to potential buyers of your house, if you're planning to sell it, when those A-ratings appear on your home's energy performance certificate.

Together with the offers we have from electricity suppliers when you choose to switch tariffs, this gives you the best chance of saving on your monthly budget the next time your bill is calculated. Look out for voucher codes and special offers on a full range of energy-efficient electrical appliances at HotDeals.co.uk.

Going green

If you've switched supplier, found the best tariff, and cut down on your electricity consumption, and you still want to save more money, look out for offers relating to green, sustainable or renewable energy, which is a rapidly maturing market in the UK. Most people think of solar panels when they think about domestic renewable energy, but there are also other options such as ground-source heat pumps, which draw heat up from below the ground to cut down on your home heating costs.

Installing a renewable energy system in your home offers long-term savings that mean it will eventually pay for itself, and you may even be able to produce more electricity than you need, and sell the rest back to the National Grid, making it a source of income too. While you'll need to cover the upfront cost of the equipment and the installation process, it's worth looking out for special offers to help you get a discount or to spread the cost over several months, allowing your budget to benefit in the long term without it suffering so much in the short term.

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