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Whether you see DIY as a hobby or as a way of sprucing up your home without paying for a joiner or decorator, can help you to save money on the tools of your chosen trade. Our amazing offers range from great prices and money off voucher codes on big-ticket items like kitchen units and bathroom suites, to free delivery and special offers on the power tools you'll need in order to carry out work on your home.

Save money on your DIY needs

At our DIY category covers every room of the house, and even includes equipment you can use to breathe new life into your garden, so you should never be short of ideas for new projects, or great value goods to help you complete them. We aim to bring you a great selection of voucher codes, special offers and deals that will save you money all year round – whether you’re simply giving the living room a fresh coat of paint, replacing your entire kitchen or sprucing up the garden.

From tools, units, flat-packed kits and those essentials like wallpaper paste, paint rollers or seeds for the garden, our special offers, discounts and great deals could knock pounds off your next DIY project.

Like many categories, DIY is subject to seasonal trends, and many homeowners cut back on the amount of work they do in the garden during the winter months, then pick back up again in spring. You might make spring your time of year for interior decorating as well, while the warmer months of summer are ideal if you're taking on a big task that means removing external doors, windows or even walls.


In the bathroom, most DIY projects either involve working on (or replacing) the bathroom suite, or tiling the walls or floor. Our offers often include money-off deals on bathroom fixtures and fittings, from taps and sinks right up to voucher codes for baths, showers and lavatories.

You may also need specific tools for working on tiled surfaces or in areas where water and electricity must not be allowed to mix. Our great deals on power tools can fulfil this demand too, with drills and cutting tools suited to any application.


The kitchen is the heart of any home, and an increasing number of families choose to add eating space to their kitchen so that they can sit together and enjoy breakfast, supper or an anytime snack. If you're thinking of adding a breakfast bar or island unit, our DIY deals and special offers can cut the cost of the essential supplies.

For the more ambitious DIY’er, we can often put discounted kitchen units and other appliances at your fingertips, allowing you to completely overhaul your cooking space and bring tired rooms up to date without breaking the bank. And if you're doing the work yourself, our offers on top-quality tools can help you to achieve a high-standard finish without leaving your kitchen out of action for any longer than is necessary.

Living rooms

Doing work in your lounge or living room is often overlooked in DIY guides, which tend to focus on the hardware-dominated rooms like bathrooms and kitchens. But your living room is where you relax during your waking hours, and that makes it an important area of your home.

With some simple DIY projects, you can put in place comfortable soft furnishings and a colour scheme that helps you to relax. It's also often a good idea to add some subtle storage space to the room, so any clutter can be cleared away to leave you with a mess-free, stress-free lounge. Look out for voucher codes and offers on all sorts of extra special touches for your revitalised living room.


If your living room is where you relax during the day, then your bedroom is for nighttime relaxation. Decorate it accordingly, with a colour scheme that suits your tastes, but is not so vibrant that you find it impossible to get to sleep. Again, sensible storage solutions will help to keep your room free from clutter - and in particular, bedrooms need plenty of practical places to put clothes when they are not being worn or washed.

Bedrooms are increasingly becoming a general-purpose relaxation space too, so if your room is big enough and you want to ride this trend, consider adding some seating - a rocking chair, comfortable armchair, or luxurious chaise longue. This gives the room some flexibility, allowing you to relax there without actually having to be in bed! For a best-of-both DIY project, add a window seat. This doesn't need to take up too much of your valuable floor space, gives you great natural light for reading, and can incorporate a removable seat with some well-hidden storage space underneath it.

Keeping the heat on

One DIY project many householders could benefit from is a central heating spruce-up. This doesn't have to mean replacing your boiler, but can include a couple of fairly easy tasks that will keep your heat on during the depths of winter.

British Gas offers winter tips to homeowners, beginning with bleeding your radiators - simply letting out any excess air to help avoid cold spots in your system. Fitting draught excluders and lined curtains can keep warmth in your home, while lagging (insulating) your water tank and pipes can help to stop heat from escaping from your hot water supply.

Keeping the lights on

Electrical work should only be attempted if you know what you are doing, but if you are confident, you can now do simple tasks like fitting a new plug socket, without needing specific approval in advance. As of April 2013, a change in UK law means that there’s no need to get council approval for these relatively easy jobs, which most DIYers have probably done at one time or another.

According to Communities and Local Government, the change in legislation could save householders £240 a time, compared with the previous cost of applying for council permission to add a plug socket or security light to your home. However, it is important to be extremely careful with electricity so if you’re in any doubt whatsoever then call in a professional electrician. Note also that some outside electrical features will need to be ‘signed off’ by a qualified and certified electrician – again, check with a professional for more information.

Keeping active

Finally, if you have spent a lifetime as a DIY enthusiast, why not share your knowledge with the younger generations? Insurance provider Aviva claims that the over-65s provide services, ranging from volunteer work to unpaid DIY coaching, worth nearly £650 million each week in the UK. Roughly one in eight of these help their younger counterparts with DIY, passing their life experiences on to their children.

In a cash-conscious climate, our deals and discounts can help you to cut down on the amount you have to spend on equipment, boosting the real-terms value of this kind of coaching even further, and allowing you and your children to make the most of the economic benefits of doing work around the house.

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