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Car insurance is a legal requirement if you own a vehicle, and the cost of it is subject to several factors including the size of the vehicle's engine, whether or not you have ever had a crash, to industry costs like fraud and compensation claims. Not all of these are under your control, but at we list some of the best offers, deals and promotions that can give you some extra consumer buying power over how much you pay for the cover you receive. Our deals could even help you to afford a better level of cover than you've had in the past.

How we can can save you money on your car insurance

Insurers are always looking to attract new customers and to keep hold of their existing ones, including offering significant discounts for careful drivers. So there are plenty of voucher codes, special offers and great deals if you know where to look. At we do the looking for you and bring you instant access to a list of what we think are some of the more attractive offers. From 9 months for the price of 12 offers to special cover for your tools if you take out van insurance, it’s quick and easy to find the right deal at HotDeals.

All about car insurance

There are several different levels of car insurance - the main types of which are outlined below - and generally speaking, if you can afford to move up to the next level then you can expect substantially more comprehensive cover (right up to the aptly named 'fully comprehensive' option). However, even within each level you might be able to negotiate better cover and lower excesses with any one insurer, particularly if they have any special offers running when your renewal is due.

Third-Party Only

The basic level of car insurance cover is third-party only, which satisfies the legal requirement for you to be protected. This is the lowest level of insurance and, strangely enough, is usually the one that is subject to the fewest discount deals.

While it might cover your legal obligations, in reality it offers very little financial security to you if you cause an accident, or if something happens to your car and you cannot prove who was responsible. For this reason, third-party only is the option often used by young people whose insurance cover might otherwise be very expensive, and by owners of low-value vehicles that would cost less to replace than the price of a year's comprehensive insurance cover.

If you have third-party only insurance, it effectively means that the only person whose losses are covered is the 'third party'. You, as the driver, and the insurance company represent the first two parties. The third party is anyone who is involved in an incident on the roads with you. If you cause an accident, your insurance will pay out to cover the costs incurred by the other motorist.

However, you will usually not receive a payout for the cost of repairing or replacing your own vehicle, especially if it can be shown that the 'accident' was actually caused by your negligence. You may also have to pay an 'excess', which is a certain stated amount of the third party's total costs that you are asked to contribute before your policy will pay out the rest.

Third-Party, Fire and Theft

A good compromise that meets the general needs of many drivers is third-party, fire and theft, which is a policy whose name should be fairly self-explanatory. In principle, it covers the same third-party costs described above, but it will also pay out if your car is stolen or suffers fire damage (either due to overheating on the road, or due to a criminal act). You still shouldn't expect a payout for damage to your own car in an incident that you cause.

This is the lowest level of cover that will usually pay out for damage to your car that's out of your own control - if it goes missing in the middle of the night, somebody vandalises it, or you find it as a burnt-out shell when you wake up in the morning. You'll need to think of the real-terms value of your vehicle, and balance those against the cost of the insurance policy. But if having a car is an essential part of your lifestyle and you need to know you can quickly replace it if something bad happens, it might be worth going the extra step to get more fully featured insurance cover, both to protect your vehicle and to give you some peace of mind.

At, we try to bring you the best special offers on all types of insurance, including third party, fire and theft. So it’s always worth looking for our insurance voucher codes so that you can upgrade to a higher level of insurance at a discount.

Fully Comprehensive

The most complete cover you can take out is fully comprehensive, which in principle protects car owners against the widest range of risks. It again builds on the lower levels of cover, so you receive protection against losses due to fire and theft, and for the costs you incur if you have a collision with a third party, or otherwise cause damage to their vehicle on the roads.

However, with fully comprehensive cover you also receive financial assistance with certain other repair costs, such as accidental damage to your vehicle, property contained inside it, certain reasons for replacing it when it is still relatively new, and damage that may be suffered to the windscreen, side windows and sunroof. Once again though, you are unlikely to find an insurer who is willing to pay out to cover your own financial costs incurred during an incident that is demonstrably your own fault.

Fully comprehensive cover is the most expensive single-driver, single-vehicle policy you're likely to encounter. But its protection also goes the furthest, so look out for our special offers, discount vouchers and deals on ‘fully comp’ policies to make the most of the risk protection it offers, without adding unnecessarily to your motoring costs.

Multi-Car Policies

If you have several cars to insure then multi-car policies are a good option, and a growing number of insurers are offering them as a way of cutting your overall insurance costs. They do exactly as their name suggests - you are insured to drive several specific cars, but the total cost of the policy is lower than if you insured yourself for each vehicle individually. In one sense, it's an equivalent of adding a second named driver to your car insurance, but in this case it's a second vehicle that you add instead.

The logic underpinning this is reasonable too, as you can't be driving two cars at exactly the same time, so your chances of having accidents in both of them should be lower than a motorist who spends all of their time at the wheel of a single vehicle. Look out also for “any-driver” insurance policies that cover a vehicle for any qualified driver to take the wheel, and any-vehicle policies that allow a named individual to drive any vehicle of the relevant classification such as cars, motorbikes and vans.

All of the major insurance providers have special offers and deals throughout the year, so no matter when your car insurance is due for renewal, it’s always worth checking back to to see if one of our voucher codes or offers for car insurance could save you money.

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