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Car hire deals 2019

There are many reasons why you might need to hire a car, and there are plenty of different types of car available for hire too. Here at you’ll find a selection of some of the best deals on offer, whatever your needs. We gather together a continuously updated selection of great deals, discounts, voucher codes and special offers on everything from car hire to insurance and accommodation so that no matter what your reason for hiring a car, you could save money with HotDeals.

These special offers are always changing, so if you’re looking for a limo or want to hire a camper-van for a back-to-basics touring holiday, we could have the right deal for you. Simply browse this category and find some of the best offers from trusted and reliable car hire specialists.

Why do I need a hire car?

One of the most common reasons for needing a hire car is that your own vehicle has broken down or is in the garage for some work that needs doing. In such cases the most important thing for most people is to simply obtain use of a vehicle similar to the one they’re used to, at the best price available.

Generally you’re not looking for something fancy, just something functional that will get you from A to B in the short term until you can have your own car back. Similarly, if your car has been damaged or even written off in an accident and you don’t have replacement car cover then you may simply want a car to act as a temporary stopgap. In such cases, the most important thing again is maintaining the functionality of having a vehicle until your car is repaired or until you can purchase a new one. Some of the deals available on could help you get out of a jam if your car is off the road for any length of time.

Cars for special occasions

But sometimes it’s not functionality you’re looking for as much as style. Sometimes you’re in the market for a special vehicle for a special occasion, such as a wedding, prom or graduation. Prestige cars like Jaguars and Rolls Royce’s are particularly popular for adding a little extra sparkle to such one-off events, and some of the hire car companies listed on have been established specifically to suit this market.

Another common reason for hiring a car is for transportation during a holiday, in which case the vehicle should ideally be both functional and enjoyable to drive. After all, you’re on holiday to enjoy yourself and relax, so it doesn’t make sense to have a vehicle that’s going to be uncomfortable or difficult to drive.

Requirements for hiring a car

According to the British Vehicle Rental and Leasing Association there are almost three million rental vehicles in the UK (including cars, vans and HGVs). With so many rental options out there how do you make the right choice and get the hire car that’s right for you?

Before getting into specifics, there are a number of criteria you need to meet in order to be eligible to rent a car in the UK. First and foremost you must of course hold a full UK driving licence or overseas equivalent. Many rental companies will also require that you have held the licence for at least 12 months or possibly longer. If you’re hiring a rental car overseas or you’re a foreign national renting a car in the UK you will often also need to present your passport.

Some car rental companies place age restrictions on who can rent from them. For some the minimum age is 18, but 21 is more common, while others stipulate that you must be even older. Many firms will also charge you an extra surcharge if you are under 25 years old. Having penalty points on your driving licence may also affect your ability to rent a vehicle. In many cases if you’ve got less than six points on your licence then you should be able to hire a car without any difficulty. But some rental firms may not cater for you if you have six points or more.

If in doubt it’s best to check the rental firm’s website for their terms and conditions, or give them a call. If you’re satisfied that you meet all of their criteria you can then start thinking about what kind of car you’d like to hire.

Choosing a hire car

In many cases, rather than hiring a specific car model, you can make a reservation to hire a certain class or category of vehicle. For example, many firms use categories such as ‘mini’, ‘small compact’ ‘standard’ or ‘executive’ alongside example cars for each category. Others have designations such as ‘family’, ‘green’ or ‘prestige’, but the principle is the same. You can also usually choose between manual and automatic transmission, allowing you customise your rental booking further.

Once you’ve chosen the type of vehicle you want to rent then you need to specify where and when you wish to collect the car. With the larger rental firms you should have plenty of scope for where you rent the car from, and have the option of dropping it off elsewhere in the country if necessary.

When picking the car up, be sure to check what the arrangements are for fuel and other specifics – for example, some rental companies will ask that you fill the fuel tank up before dropping the car back. It’s also a good idea to take a thorough look around the car before you set off, and even to take pictures of any damage that is present prior to your hire period. When you take the vehicle back later, accompany staff on an inspection of the car to ensure that you don’t get billed for any damage that wasn’t your fault.

Getting a good deal on car hire

Often car hire companies offer special deals designed to entice would-be customers to choose them rather than one of their many competitors. Here on you’ll find a number of deals, voucher codes and offers that will enable you to get more for your money from car hire companies. When doing so, be sure to check if there are any restrictions.

For example, some offers may have an expiry date or be available for only a limited time. Others may be available only for a particular segment of the population, such as students or individuals above a certain age. You should also check to see if there are any restrictions on when or where you can make a booking. Finally, be sure to check what’s included in the deal, and crucially what the mileage allowance is.

Whatever you need it for, hiring a car can be an enjoyable experience that is both practical and comfortable, just remember to always keep an eye on the details!

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